Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3 Unconventional Blog Marketing Tips for Bloggers

I would consider myself a newbie blogger and have been tracking our progress using Google Analytics. I have 3 unconventional blog marketing tips to share with bloggers publicizing their blog:
  1. Stumble Your Blog Posts - Join StumbleUpon, install the StumbleUpon Toolbar, and punch "I like it!" from the toolbar for your own blog posts. This will add your blog posts to StumbleUpon's database so that other people will see your blog posts when they "Stumble!". I have tried many similar social networking services and StumbleUpon by far and away refers the most traffic to our blogs. Two things to note: 1) we have only been blogging regularly for a month and 2) the quality of referred visits from StumbleUpon is questionable since the average length of visits is consistently only 50 seconds.
  2. Use Google's Free Keyword Tool - Before publishing your post, use Google's free Keyword Tool to get an idea of which keyword phrases relevant to your post are heavily searched, are less competitive, and to generate ideas for new keyword phrases. After picking a keyword strategy targeting high volume keywords and/or less competitive keywords, incorporate the keyword phrases into the title of your blog post, assign labels or categories to your post using keyword phrases, and use the keyword phrases in the post itself. Finally, location based keywords and categorizations can differentiate your blog. For example, a post about hiking labeled/categorized "Colorado Hiking Trails" and "Fort Collins" provides the search engines an opportunity to associate your post to people looking to hike in a particular city or state.
  3. Get Your Blog Posts Into Your Facebook News Feed - Integrate your blog into your Facebook profile so that your friends will automatically see your new blog posts in your Facebook news feed. I do this three ways which I have to admit is redundant: 1) import your blog into your Facebook notes by going to the "Edit import settings" link, 2) import your blog into your FriendFeed and then connect FriendFeed to Facebook, and 3) Create a free Facebook business page that your friends and others can become fans of which will put your business page badge on their profile and give you the ability to send opted-in users a Facebook message in the future.
What unconventional blog marketing tactics are you utilizing?

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