Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Samsung Moment: Wi-Fi On + Wireless Off >> Google Android 2.1

I have a Samsung Moment with the Google Android 2.1 upgrade.  The following is a procedure my cousin taught me for disabling my cell phone's voice service while maintaining access to Wi-Fi networks:
  1. Tap "Menu"
  2. Tap "Settings"
  3. Tap "Wireless & networks"
  4. Turn on "Airplane mode"; which turns off "Wi-Fi"
  5. Turn "Wi-Fi" on and leave "Airplane mode" on
  6. Browse the Internet without wasting battery power searching for cell phone towers
Reasons to turn off wireless but turn on Wi-Fi

It is advantageous to disable your phone's wireless connections when you do not have access to cell phone service because your phone wastes battery power searching for cell phone towers; especially when it can't find any. In most situations, you turn off your phone. However, you may want to browse the Internet using your phone's Wi-Fi capabilities. For example, you are in a rural town with no cell service but are sitting in a cafe with free Wi-Fi. Or, you are in another country where your phone doesn't work but you would like to use your phone's Wi-Fi capabilities.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi... don't know if this is still pertainant to you or not, but I really appreciate the little trick you posted!

    My example is, I want to download the Funzio.com app "Modern War" on my Samsung Moment, but I don't have service on the phone at all - and it wouldn't allow me to find any wi-fi with the 3G/Cell service searching for service.

    So, I did as you suggested. I turned on Airplane Mode, and after that turned on wi-fi again.

    Boo-Yah!!! There it was.

    Thanks again,